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RED EPIC Octocopter Filming

Drone Crew

"Perspective is Everything"

Drone Crew has proudly served the film and production industry with unmatched professionalism and service, and built strong and lasting relationships with top production companies.

We are continually upgrading and improving our systems and skills to maintain our position as the leading octocopter filming service in South Africa.

Having worked with some of the big name clients in the industry from feature movies, international commercials, as well as local productions and documentaries, our experience and client base continues to grow.

We offer a full package for high end production work, using a hired RED Scarlet or RED EPIC or one of our own cameras such as Canon 5D or Panasonic GH4 film cameras on our custom built super heavy lifter drones. Our kit includes all you need for a complete hassle free octocopter filming experience. Camera vehicle (SUV), super heavy lifter custom drone, custom 3 axis gyro stabilised camera head gimbal, live wireless HD video feed for VT, mini VT station, more than enough batteries and chargers to keep running all day if needed.  If on a budget, we also offer Canon 5Dmkiii on octocopter, shooting raw or standard h.264 , using the same sized super heavy lifter platform used to lift the RED cameras.

Behind the scenes of a RED Scarlet octocopter commercial shoot:

Why use us?

  • Safety is always our main concern.
  • We have many years experience in the professional film and photography industry, and are able to consistently produce high end results.
  • We only use the very best gear and components, and continue to upgrade and improve our industry leading service.
  • We know our gear well, have backup equipment, and are fully able to make repairs on location. Full gear check before every job.
  • We supply a package which includes our own cameras and lenses, so we are able to tune our systems, gear check easier, and be ready to shoot with less hassle (we do of course hire gear if other cameras are needed, RED EPIC, etc).



  • Two extra-heavy lift octocopters (custom built for our needs and operating conditions).
  • Two 3 axis brushless gimbals for RED sized cameras, and a few for smaller cameras such as 5D, Blackmagic Pocket Camera, Panasonic GH3, and Sony nex7.
  • 5Dmkiii cameras with a range of prime and pro L lenses.
  • 2 man crew, one pilot and one camera operator / assistant.
  • Complete VT station with live video monitoring on directors monitor.